World Leaders Ignoring NSA Google+ Circle Invitation

According to internal documents released by the NSA, the American spy agency accused of unconscionable spying on foreign and domestic targets, world leaders are giving the agency the cold shoulder by consistently refusing it’s Google Plus Circle invitations.

“It’s as if they think we don’t have feelings,” said NSA engineer William Locker while hacking into Vladimir Putin’s blog ‘Where I’m Putin my Thoughts’, “Every time we reach out to Kim Jong-Un or Angela Merkel with a friendly Circle invitation, they mash on the rejection button like it’s nobody’s business.”

Sources confirmed that the NSA began using Google Plus last year in an attempt to find less costly information gathering methods. Rather than hiring a network of highly skilled hackers backed with millions of dollars in computer technology, the NSA decided to see if they could extract information from world leaders the same way employers and grandparents extracts information from college students: social media.

The only problem with the NSA’s plan came from what Locker calls a “vital flaw in the Google Plus site design.” That being the fact that world leaders actually need to accept the NSA’s Circle request before it can gain access to their personal information.

Originally published November 2013

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