Professor Totally Oblivious To Cursor Right In The Middle Of The Goddamn Screen

Sources report that on Monday, Professor Daniel Bowshier attempted to show his English 125 class an excerpt from the movie The Dead Poets Society, succeeding not only in playing the clip but also in infuriating all seventen students in the room by leaving his cursor in the general field of vision.

“I was almost really into that scene where Robin Williams encourages everyone to seize the day, but I couldn’t stop staring at that stupid mouse. It made an absolute mockery of his performance,” said freshman Josh Willard.

Students enrolled in the course reportedly regret agreeing to be present in 3437 Mason Hall every Monday and Wednesday from 1-2:30, thus subjecting them to the intense aggravation of attempting to ignore a 32×32 pixel arrow in the middle of Robin Williams’ face.

Those in the class reported increased levels of anxiousness and inability to focus for the entirety of the seven-minute clip, during which Bowshier apparently remained ignorant of the glaringly obvious fact that the fucking cursor was still visible.

The professor displayed an unusual apathy towards the fact that the movie was essentially ruined by that arrow. Despite lengthy discussions on the matter, students in Bowshier’s class have still not decided whether he is a ruthless sadist or just completely senile.

The tragedy did not go without attempted aid, however – bystanders report that a total of four distinctive throat clearings occurred, with one student meekly raising her hand, only to pretend she had been stretching all along when she realized that the professor was paying no attention to her at all.

Despite students’ best efforts to half-heartedly alert him, Bowshier continued to remain ignorant of the horrors occurring on his screen, and the rest of the clip continued in uncomfortably mild inconvenience to his viewers for the duration of the seven-minute scene.

Originally published: Dec 2013

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