New ‘Humans Of 1542 Rumsey House’ Facebook Page Creeping Out Residents Of West Quad’s 1542 Rumsey House

The latest in a series of “Humans of New York” spin-offs, the “Humans of 1542 Rumsey House” Facebook page features candid snapshots of sophomores Vanessa Walker and Andrea Nelson studying, sleeping, and shaving their legs over the sink in their West Quad dorm room. The unnamed creator of the page provides only a brief introduction to the photos, describing them as part of an “ambitious project” in which he or she attempts to “capture an intimate, realistic portrait of human life in 1542 Rumsey House.” Although the project has gained some critical acclaim, the subjects of the photos report that they are “scared for [their] lives.”

According to Walker and Nelson, the two stumbled across the page just yesterday and were shocked to find hundreds of photos of themselves taken at moments when they thought they were totally alone.

“I just, oh my god, I don’t understand how the fuck this guy even got these!” said Nelson, scrolling through close-ups of herself, asleep in her lofted bed. “I mean, we need to report this, right? We’re being stalked.”

Fans of the project find the photographer’s methods “radical,” “groundbreaking,” and “titillating,” but not criminal.

“’Stalking’ is a bit harsh, isn’t it? But then, the public so rarely understands an artist’s intent,” said Clarence Sims, professor of Conceptual Art. “This photographer has really tapped into something exciting here. The photo of Andrea passed out on the floor clutching an overturned bottle of cheap wine, for instance – what a raw, authentic glimpse into Rumsey Hall culture. That one is brilliant,” said Joey Simpson, one of Sims’ students. “I like the naked ones.”

Artistic merits notwithstanding, Walker and Nelson reported that they are moving from 1542 Rumsey House to a new, undisclosed location. At press time, the administrator of the “Humans of 1542 Rumsey House” page changed the name of the project to “Humans of 3023 Huber House.”

Originally Published Feb. 2014

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