Stop! No; Keep Going

Stop—do you realize what you’re doing? Do you really want to go this far? Sometimes it’s better to stay in the moment, suspended in time and pleasure. But then again,why not bring both of these thoughts to a single, perfect climax? Here we are, with two inflamed independent clauses ready to be joined by a shared idea.

In this parenthetical frenzy, I can’t tell whether this is real or whether it’s simply the insatiable thirst for a clearer and more succinct syntactic structure. It doesn’t really matter either way; I’m too far deep into this ideological connection to pull out now.

I admit my syntactic tastes are a bit… zany. Most punctuation marks keep it simple, but that’s not satisfying. They end everything before they really get the chance to experiment. Giving the same attention to each clause does require a certain amount a stamina, I will admit. But the exhaustion is worth it; I find the flexible, free flow of multiple thoughts within a single sentence to be intoxicating. Sure, you could keep it simple, find a nice wholesome phrase and lay it down in a traditional way, but once you venture to the dark side of complex structure, you won’t want to go back.

So please don’t end your thought here. Keep thrusting forward in the game of words. Sprinkle slick syllables across this sheet of paper. And remember: even though the end of one thought may have already come, there’s always a chance for more.

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