Hoke Begins Long Walk Back to San Diego State

Following his firing on December second, former Michigan Head Football Coach Brady Hoke has reportedly started walking back to San Diego State University, where he held his previous job. This three thousand mile trek comes nearly four years after Hoke said he would “walk to Michigan” to secure the head coaching job.

“Well, it’s gonna be a long walk back [to San Diego],” said Hoke, “but you’ve got to give it your all when you’re facing adversity, so… uh… that’s what I’m gonna do.”

Hoke has made good time, he said, almost reaching the Michigan-Indiana border after only three days. While Hoke is pleased with his progress so far, he says he is far from where he wants to be.

“Yeah, I’m real proud of the progress I’ve made so far, but I realize I’m not quite where I ought to be yet,” said Hoke at an impromptu press conference in Cawker City, Kansas. “All that matters is that I’m gonna keep moving toward my personal goals.”

“It’s important to stay hungry,” continued Hoke, “especially since I’m making this trip during the winter months, when it’s a lot harder to hunt the local game.”

While Hoke says he had considered riding the rails to expedite his travel, he ultimately decided that walking would be truer to his personal philosophy of hard work and discipline.

“Well, uh, riding the rails, you know, like a hobo, that might work for some people, like those folks at that school in Ohio,” said Hoke. “But this is Cawker City, Kansas, and people don’t cut corners around here, or anywhere else I’ve traveled to.”

At press time, Hoke admitted that he did not actually choose to walk to San Diego, having actually just forgot his car back in Southern California four years ago.

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