Ambitious OSCR Rep Resolves ‘Career-Making’ Student Conflict

Saying the victory was sure to launch her career in student conflict mediation to “soaring” new heights, sources confirmed Thursday that Office of Student Conflict Resolution (OSCR) representative Kayla Green, 29, successfully resolved a high-stakes, “undeniably” career-making student conflict.

“Kayla really knocked this landmark conflict out of the park,” said Mark Choi, a colleague of Green’s at OSCR. “We’re talking about a head-first, no-holds-barred, totally sensible and amicable handling of a super thorny interpersonal issue.”

“And from a rookie?” Choi continued. “It’s unheard of!”

The conflict, which involved the allocation of “alone time” in a prominent Central Campus dorm room, is seen by many analysts as potentially precedent-setting.

Reportedly, Green’s groundbreaking approach involved giving students a “safe space” to start a dialogue emphasizing each’s unique perspective.

“Best use of the ‘Listen, Reflect, Respond’ model I’ve seen since the SAC 250 group project controversy in late ’09,” said another colleague. “Textbook stuff.”

“I know conflict mediators who’ve gone decades waiting for a case like this,” said Green’s mentor and supervisor Jessica Gould. “But it fell onto Kayla’s desk, and she forged that pathway to peaceful, bilateral peer understanding like nobody’s business.”

“The sky’s the limit for a go-getter like her,” Gould added.

Regarding Green’s future prospects in the conflict resolution profession, Choi said he “wouldn’t be surprised if she’s already getting phone calls from some of the big-time student conflict offices, like UCLA, Duke and Syracuse.”

“We’ll be lucky to hold onto Kayla till the end of her current contract,” Choi said. “After a feat like this, I’m expecting more than a few buyout offers on the table.”

At press time, Green was signing on to guest- mediate a high profile refrigerator dispute for a Northwestern University co-op.

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