It Finally Time For Hawaiian Shirt, Declare Nation’s Dads

Noticing the weather this weekend will be “mighty fine,” several area dads have elected to wear Hawaiian shirts, citing the loose-fitting garments as a “sharp but breathable” choice for relaxation indoors and outside.

“Tomorrow seems like a great day to kick back with some cold brewskis and enjoy the warmth, that is, if the Weather Channel isn’t pulling my leg,” said tax accountant and amateur meteorologist Ted Richey. “It looks like a real warm front is moving in. Seems like a perfect day to break out the Grill and throw on something a little more ‘relaxed ft.’”

Another father, Jeb Daniels, was prepared to dress casually tomorrow, suggesting that his favorite Hawaiian shirt would really “jazz the afternoon up.” Sources confirm Daniels is planning on doing yard work and catching some early-season baseball action, and “a breathable flower-patterned shirt would make a nice day even nicer,” he said.

The shirts are reportedly popular among the nation’s dads for their generous fit around the stomach area, along with buttons that offer multiple levels of chest hair presentation.

“Most of the time I like to leave the top two buttons undone,” gesturing to a mass of exposed gray chest hair. “Although if it’s real hot out and I’m feeling ambitious, I might just leave the whole thing undone and let it all hang out.”

“I’m so glad that Casual Friday at the offce coincides with this balmy beaut of a day tomorrow”, reported Michael Arons, a father planning on wearing his vintage hula girl shirt to work tomorrow.

“On top of all that, I get to finally meet [my daughter] Jenny’s boyfriend at our barbecue this evening. I can’t wait to fire up the grill and cook some juicy brats.” Arons continued to iron the sickly yellow Hawaiian shirt, in order “to look presentable tomorrow.” At press time, several expectant fathers were thinking about purchasing a Hawaiian shirt, upon realizing they would likely grow into the look.

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