Area Man Believes Painting In Psychiatrist’s Office Just Testing Him

After sitting in his therapist’s waiting room for seven minutes, area man Robert Winslow reportedly came to the profound realization that the artwork on the wall was simply a test from his doctor.

While Winslow was impressed with his discovery and self-awareness, he reported being somewhat distressed that his psychiatrist “would try to trip [him] up with something so simple.” He explained, “I was sitting in that room and just staring at that painting, and then suddenly a rush of emotions hit me and I realized that Dr. Marshall must have hung it up just before I came in. He thought he could sneak a painting clearly depicting my intense sexual anxiety.”

Winslow continued, “But I’m a little disappointed that Dr. Marshall would think so little of me. He should have known that I would easily see what he’s trying to do. I’m really working on bettering myself through therapy.”

The piece, an oil painting that includes different colored shapes melding into one larger amorphous figure, has resonated with other patients of Dr. Marshall as well. “Of course I immediately noticed that there was a new work of art hanging up,” said a woman who wished to remain anonymous. “Dr. Marshall must think we’re pretty dull if he didn’t believe we’d passionately react to it.”

Yet Dr. Marshall remains adamant that the painting has nothing to do with Winslow, nor his other patients. “Look, my wife painted that thing last week,” he told reporters. “I thought it looked kind of nice, and it made her happy that I hung it up in my office. Its Oedipal undertones really have nothing to do with it.”

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