Alex Didn’t Have Time To Commit To The A Cappella Group Anyway

According to his parents, Alex Gelernter has contended that, with all of his classes and what is sure to be many other extracurricular activities this year, he really did not have the time required to to be in the University of Michigan A-Tonals.

“With all of my other commitments, I really couldn’t give it what the A-Tonals deserved. Growing up I just sang for myself, and I wouldn’t want that joy to be ruined by making it an obligation.” When pressed on his other present obligations, Gelernter mentioned Yom Kippur services and weekly language lunches at the Residential College.

Gelernter auditioned for the singing group as a tenor, performing a rendition of “And I’m Telling You I’m Not Going” from Dreamgirls, said another A-Tonal hopeful Thomas Greene. Greene says he thinks Gelernter had a relatively good chance of making it to the second round. “I thought he was pretty good! A little pitchy toward the refrain.”

“I thought he was about as good as the second tenor in my church choir. Okay, maybe a little less bad than him,” commented Jeffrey Daniels, a junior A-Tonal. “He can totally re-audition next semester. We’re always looking for AV,” he later added.

Said Gelernter, “I’m really going to focus on keeping my GPA high for my Ross application. But you know, I’m not sure I really even want to be a business major. I might even be happy if I don’t get in.”

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