Junior Patiently Waiting For Right Time To Eat Roommate’s Leftover Pizza

Anderson (not pictured) has already sought his neighbors' permission to use their microwave.

Sources report that junior Evan Anderson, who shares a two-bedroom apartment on Catherine St. with senior Doug LaCerva, has been waiting nearly 48 hours for the appropriate time to eat his roommate’s leftover pizza.

“[LaCerva] got takeout at Cottage Inn a couple nights ago with some friends and he still hasn’t eaten the leftovers,” said Anderson. “He never explicitly offered them to me, but there’s also no way I’m going to let those last few slices go to waste.”

Anderson has reportedly checked the fridge every time LaCerva left the house to see if the pizza box was still in there. “I thought [LaCerva] might eat it for breakfast this morning, but it was still there when he left for class,” said Anderson. “The cheese is starting to get kind of crusty, so I’m wondering if he thinks it got too gross to eat. I don’t want him to be upset though.”

Anderson reportedly plans on giving LaCerva another few hours to eat the leftover pizza before Anderson “lays claim” to it.

“It almost feels like he’s tempting me on purpose at this point. He knows I love Cottage Inn’s garlic crust,” said Anderson. “And besides, if he actually gets mad when I eat it, I can always just yell at him for taking up more than half the fridge.”

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