Area Spouse Could Totally Be On Wheel of Fortune

According to Manners, 'S is almost always in everything.'

Citing how she knew the answer before any of the contestants on the show, local husband Kevin Manners reported in a statement that his wife, Julia Manners, could “totally be on Wheel of Fortune.”

“The alphabet is just her strong suit. When Jeopardy is winding down, we turn on the television just to watch Wheel of Fortune after,” Kevin recalled. “I mean the other day it seemed like there were only two or three letters up there and she says, ‘Baby On Board.’ I mean it just comes to her.”

When asked about her natural ability comes from, Julia told reporters, “I like doing my word jumbles in the Sunday paper, and I’m pretty familiar with basic phrases and names of celebrities. I read a lot, too, stuff like People Magazine or Us Weekly, so I guess it makes sense that I’m sort of a natural.”

“She just seems to know where the letters in words are supposed to go,” Kevin said of his wife. He continued, “I always remind her that she should sign up but she never does. I’m telling you, she would do great on the show—I don’t know why she doesn’t do it. I like to joke that we must be watching a rerun because she always does so well.”

Manners also told reporters that once his kids are old enough, his household would also do pretty well on Family Feud.

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