Bomb Squad Operator Really Could Have Used That Extra Three Hours Of Sleep


Bozer really wishes he bought that Red Bull.

While heading to his office in Ankara, Turkey, bomb squad member Mehmet Bozer lamented that he “definitely could have used at least three more hours of sleep last night.”

“Some days the coffee just isn’t enough. I still feel like garbage. Only eight more hours of this stuff and then I can go home and catch a nap,” commented Bozer, as he sat at his desk, on call to potentially disarm a live explosive.

Several coworkers walked by Bozer in the office and remarked that he looked like he was having “a case of the Mondays,” despite the fact that Bozer would potentially be responsible for the lives of hundreds of people.

“Mehmet looked so out of it, so I offered to get him a coffee or something,” said coworker Kemal Erkmen. “I’ve totally been in that position before, and it didn’t work out so well for this little Jewish deli that used to be a few blocks from here.”

Reportedly too tired to respond, let alone potentially prevent a national tragedy, Bozer began lazily studying some bomb diagrams in order to “look busy if the boss walked by.”

“I really hope I can just lie low today,” said Bozer. “I mean I could probably handle a standard street-side bomb, but I’m screwed if we get a call about some real dangerous shit.”

Before laying down for a nap after what turned out to be an uneventful day, Bozer said, “Thank goodness nothing happened at work today. I could barely tell the difference between the blue button and the red button on my television remote.”

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