Cancer Patient Just Trying to Hold on Until Star Wars Comes Out


Michaels said he bought tickets to the midnight showing “just to be safe.”

Following his recent diagnosis of stage IV lung cancer, Star Wars fanatic Jesse Michaels told doctors that while he recognizes there is no chance of recovery, he hopes they will be able to keep him alive until The Force Awakens is released this Christmas.

While Michaels says he is aware of his responsibilities to get his affairs in order and assure closure with his friends and family, he has decided to “cut his losses” and focus on surviving solely for the sake of his favorite film franchise, he said.

“Of course, leaving my wife and never seeing my grandkids grow up will be difficult” Michaels told reporters. “And I’m at peace with Episodes VIII and IX coming out long after I’m gone. But missing VII? I don’t know what cruel God would take that away from me.”

Michaels continued, “I’m ready to say my goodbyes to loved ones, and now we just need to keep me breathing until the end of December. So I told the doctors, ‘Just let me go right after the movie ends.’ I don’t even need to see the credits.”

Although multiple trailers for the film have already been released, they were not enough to satiate Michaels’ need to see the complete movie.

“It’s not enough to just know that the saga will continue after I die, and that my children and grandchildren will be able to enjoy Star Wars as much as I did. I need to know if Han survives, or if Luke turns to the Dark Side,” said Michaels. “It should be amazing, and I need a final bit of joy before I pass on. If I die not knowing, what was the point all this treatment?”

However, Michaels added, “Or Jar-Jar might be in it. Then I’ll just die disappointed.”

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