Professor Wonders Where His Black Student Was This Morning

After noticing that his 10 a.m. ASTRO 101 lecture “felt incomplete,” Professor Alexander Charles sent LSA freshman Sean Henderson an email asking if everything was “okay.”

Although his lecture is comprised of about 100 students, Charles explained, “My eye is always drawn to Sean. Something about him kind of sticks out, you know? So after I noticed that he wasn’t there on Monday, I just wanted to make sure that he wasn’t sick.”

For his part, Henderson reportedly doesn’t consider himself to have a personal relationship with Charles. “I think the most we’ve ever talked was when I handed in the midterm and he asked me how it went. Somehow he knew my name though,” Henderson explained. “I wonder if he knows all 100 names. It’s definitely nice to see that kind of dedication from a professor to his students at such a big school.”

“I really didn’t think missing one class was that big of a deal. Plenty of kids skip every once in a while, especially since we aren’t graded on attendance or iClicker questions. I guess he must send out a ton of emails,” continued Henderson.

At press time, Henderson was wondering if it was his above-average test scores or his consistent note-taking that had caught his professor’s eye.

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