Rudock Sets Record for Most Passing Yards on Third Down Against Team Whose Uniforms Are Red During Odd-Numbered Year in NCAA History

Rudock is also the first Michigan quarterback to throw over 100 yards on a Thursday since 2003.

At the conclusion of the regular season, Jake Rudock has set the new NCAA record for most passing yards on a third down against a team whose uniforms are red during an odd-numbered year.

“These kinds of numbers are staggering, especially because of the quality of the red teams in the conference,” said MLive Michigan Football beat writer Wayne VanOsdol, who discovered the statistic after absent-mindedly adjusting various filters on Rudock’s stat sheet. VanOsdol proceeded to post his discovery on Twitter, garnering over 15 retweets.

VanOsdol then uploaded a GIF of a crucial third-down conversion to accompany the previous tweet, adding, “Rudock throws the ball 35 yards here, which is the kind of play you expect to see when you lead in this kind of stat. That kind of yardage is unheard of for a player with a minimum of 75 offensive snaps and whose name includes two vowels.”

Other notable record holders this season include Jabrill Peppers, who garnered the most rushing yards between the 50- and 30-yard lines with only two minutes to go, and Blake O’Neill, for most punts kicked high enough that the camera loses sight of them when broadcasting on a Fox affiliate. Jake Butt managed to claim second place for most touchdowns while it was snowing, but not the kind of snow that sticks, just enough to make your fingers cold.

Michigan did, however, surrender its current records held for most wins in a stadium with four separate Tim Horton’s stands, and most field goals while a pyramid is being built by cheerleaders on the sideline.

VanOsdol added that this feat will be tougher to accomplish next year, “as Michigan only plays two red teams instead of three and it’s an even-numbered year.”

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