Amazing Display of Friendship! Sean’s Wife Gave Birth to His Best Friend’s Baby!

Friendship for the win! Just when we thought true social connection was dead in this world, Sean Mayer and his best friend Bobby Hern proved that the power of friendship is still strong.

Sean and Bobby have been inseparable friends since the day Bobby moved in next door. The two spend almost every Saturday together watching the game and meet up after work to go to their favorite local bar. But just when you thought the pair couldn’t get any closer, Sean’s wife stepped up.

Last Thursday, Sean’s wife Jenna gave birth to Bobby’s son!

Jenna cared so much about the friendship Sean and Bobby share that she decided the two should share her as well.

Jenna has yet to tell Sean that the baby is Bobby’s, but we can’t wait to hear how the big reveal goes and see that look of surprise on Sean’s face.

Good work Jenna!

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