Area Couple Can’t Decide Which Movie To Watch First Fifteen Minutes Of

The couple reported that they are excited to watch half an episode of Arrested Development in the near future.

Couple Robert Mason and Julia Gann reportedly spent the better part of Saturday evening scrolling through and flipping between Netflix, HBO Go, and Amazon Prime to find the “perfect” movie to settle in on the couch and watch the first 15 minutes of.

The couple, who had reportedly dubbed Saturday evening a “movie night,” spent the first part of the evening deciding if they would prefer to watch the first few scenes of an action movie, or something more “light-hearted.”

“I wanted to try to stream The Revenant,” said Mason, “but Julia thought that the 10 minutes of the movie she saw before falling asleep might be too intense for her to watch that late at night.”

Gann claimed that she suggested the couple “give Moonrise Kingdom a try,” but Mason reportedly vetoed that idea on the grounds that “the first seven minutes wouldn’t be thrilling enough to hold his interest for another seven minutes.”

The couple, who after nearly 45 minutes of scrolling finally settled on Ex Machina, reported that they enjoyed watching the establishing shots of Oscar Isaac’s character’s home and being introduced to the characters before turning the film off exactly 14 minutes in.

“The movie is pretty good so far,” said Mason. “I think we’ll try to watch the next half hour or so tomorrow morning, but I know Julia was talking about going to the farmer’s market so we’ll see.”

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