Ladies’ Night At Rick’s Really Making Up For Wage Gap

Rick’s patrons are celebrating the establishment’s momentous steps towards equality.

Female patrons of Rick’s American Cafe are reportedly impressed with management’s efforts to curb centuries of overt sexism by offering free cover for all women every Thursday night.

“I think we are finally seeing some progress in the treatment of women in this country,” said junior Ally Guisinger. “Despite still being paid only 77 cents for every dollar a man makes, I can get tequila shots for only two bucks. I’d say that’s a pretty good trade.”

Sources confirmed that while a typical male patron spends four dollars for a basic well drink, female patrons spend only two on Ladies’ Night. “I also think it’s only fair that as a woman, I can get in without cover, get drunk way faster, and spend even less. I guess I never thought of Rick’s as such a progressive, female-friendly place,” reported Guisinger.

Guisinger’s roommate Elysse Johnson said she felt “proud” and “supported” to see such high male attendance this past Thursday. Johnson explained, “It’s incredible to know that the men on this campus stand with us. The minute they hear that girls have the opportunity to get drunk really fast, they rally to support us.”

Johnson added, “Sometimes they go even further and show their dedication to feminism by buying us the drinks themselves. If a guy buys me three drinks every day for the rest of my life, there won’t really be a wage gap.”

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