Cautious Senior Leaves Chicken Breast in Oven for Extra Four Hours ‘Just to Be Safe’

Experts advised that the chicken be cut with a small chainsaw.

Claiming she would “rather be safe than sorry,” LSA senior Brigitte Hasse reportedly spent last Wednesday evening waiting approximately four and a half hours until she was certain that the chicken she was baking no longer contained any traces of bacteria.

Hasse reported that she wasn’t that experienced with cooking poultry and that she did not want to “take any chances.”

“Our oven is really weird, so I knew that even though the recipe said it should only take around 35 minutes that I really needed to leave it in longer,” said Hasse. “I just kept checking every five minutes or so until I realized that it was already 10:00 and it was probably done.”

Hasse admitted that while the chicken turned out “a bit dry,” she has every intention of trying to cook the meal again in the future.

“You really can’t be too careful with chicken,” said Hasse. “Next time I’ll probably just text my mom pictures of the food as it cooks and see what she says.”

Hasse’s roommate could not be reached for comment, as she was busy frying a salmon fillet into oblivion at time of press.

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