Frooblish! We Just Made That Word Up!

Frooblish! What a word! What on Earth could it possibly mean? Who knows, we just made it up!

It could be the feeling you get when you lock eyes with your special someone. It could refer to the unique texture of week-old plums. When you think of the way a stingray flaps its pectoral fins, do you think the motion could be described as frooblish? It can now.

Think about it! Frooblish could even be some Slovenian guy’s last name! The possibilities are truly frooblish. With an open mind, even the most frooblish ideas are within your grasp. If you aren’t feeling inspired, maybe you should eat a frooblish.

Imagine talking to your friend on the phone and hearing them say, “I got into a total frooblish last night.” How would you feel? Sympathetic? Frooblish? Perhaps slightly aroused? Some combination of all 3? Either way, the addition of “frooblish” into the national lexicon is sure to make for some frooblish moments.

Here’s a kooky idea for a definition: “Frooblish (v): the act of releasing exactly eleven chickens at one’s Bar Mitzvah. (origin: Yiddish).” Maybe it’s better to define it in a way so specific that it will never be used, and its purity can be kept frooblish.

What do you think “frooblish” should mean? Let us know in the comments using the hashtag #Frooblish!

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