‘Oh My God They Still Put Nuts On My Salad,’ Says Aunt About To Speak To Manager

Lamper reportedly began to passive aggressively pick each individual walnut out of the dish.

Speaking in a hushed tone across the table, reports claim that area aunt Martha Lamper drew attention to the notable garnish of walnuts on her salad, despite the fact she had requested that they be left off her Cobb salad.

“I specifically asked the waitress not to include the nuts,” Ms. Lamper, who was dining at the locally-owned TJ’s Grill with her family. “I just don’t see how that’s even difficult for someone to remember.”

Lamper’s family appeared relatively unaffected by the goings-on, and continued to eat their entrees as presented to them by the waitress. Ken Lamper, Martha’s eldest brother, said, “I’m not sure why she always has to do this. She’s not even allergic to nuts. But here we go again.”

Ken was later overheard suggesting to Martha that she “just let this one go,” and reminding his sister “how much trouble the waitress went through to get [Martha] fresh lemon for each of [her] water refills.”

For her part, Martha appeared unwilling to accept her salad. “I explained to the waitress at least five times—at least five times!—that even though the walnuts are part of TJ’s signature Cobb salad, I did not want any. And you’d think she’d remember, because I even commented about how I should get a discount without the walnuts!”

Continued Martha, “I guess that’s what you get for hiring whoever walks through the door for an interview. It’s too bad, really.”

At press time, Martha was flagging down another member of the waitstaff, informing him that she “did not want to make a big deal, but…”

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