Unclear Whether Town Charming Or Desolate

Describing the place as both quaint and quiet, recent visitors to St. Peter’s Village, Pennsylvania, Hank Demarkus and Emma Freeman told reporters that it was unclear whether the small town was cute or simply deserted.

“The sidewalks were clean, wide, and studded with trees and benches, but there weren’t really that many people there,” Demarkus reported. “There was a lot of empty parking spaces too, I just pulled right in.”

The couple also recalled that on their short walk on a trail in nearby woods they saw “like three, maybe four other people tops.”

“We walked right into this restaurant that had this beautiful view of the river,” Freeman described. “We didn’t have a reservation but they seated us right away. We had to be the only customers they had all day.”

“They even had a band,” Freeman continued. “They were really good and it was fitting for the atmosphere, but we were too embarrassed to clap at the end of the songs given that it was just me and [Demarkus] in there.”

The day trip reportedly ended with a stop at a small homemade ice cream store. “It was the best ice cream I’ve ever had, fresh scooped and everything,” Demarkus said to reporters. “You could tell they had served some customers before us because the tubs had some scoop marks, I just didn’t see those people myself at all. Where could they have gone?”

At press time Demarkus bought Freeman a bracelet from an antique store that “while adorable, clearly needed the money.”1

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