Family Mourning Dead Grandpa’s Sense Of Humor, Access To Community Hot Tub

The Wharton Family is wondering whether grandpa’s death extends to the cabana bar.

The family of Karl Wharton, who passed away on October 30th, is reportedly mourning his talent for making people laugh, as well as his ability to let them into his apartment complex’s jacuzzi.

Wharton resided at Bakersfield Terrace, a residential community for senior citizens, before passing away peacefully in his sleep several weeks ago, leaving his family missing his charismatic personality and the Lifetex Purespa Tub that remains on the property.

“It just doesn’t seem real,” said eldest son Samuel Wharton. “It feels like just yesterday I was sitting with him in the hot tub, cracking jokes while enjoying the warm-water massage feature. I’m really going to miss that.”

Added Samuel’s daughter Krista, “Grandpa was always so happy and smiling! He had such a loving personality. Almost as warm as the steamy, calming waters of his apartment’s jacuzzi.”

Though Wharton has passed, his family members say they’ll harbor fond memories of his cheerful demeanor. Said Samuel, “As long as we keep Dad in our hearts, he’s never really going to be gone. Not like his keycard to the spa, which the landlords made us return.”

In addition to Wharton’s sense of humor, family members are reportedly also missing his warm heart, curious spirit, and the pool table in the complex’s game room.

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