Friend Who Clearly Was Not Invited Wants To Know If We Can Play Uno

Following a sequence of unambiguous text message replies from her roommate Cassandra Jones that stated tonight “wasn’t great” for a wine night, and that she was “busy with homework,” Claire O’Malley decided to come hang out with her roommate and study group “just in case someone wanted to play Uno.”

“Just one round, you guys! Come on, it’s a study break,” said O’Malley, who made herself comfortable on a nearby sofa while Jones and her friends refused to look at her head-on.

As she pulled out a bottle of economy-sized Pinot Grigio, O’Malley remarked, “This’ll get the party started!” to the room full of girls who continued to ignore her existence.

“If anything, we might watch an episode of Gossip Girl and call it a night, but it was midnight on a Tuesday for God’s sake,” said Jones of O’Malley’s arrival. “It wasn’t unexpected, considering the way she replied ‘lol’ to my pretty serious texts, but still.”

O’Malley then reached for her phone, and at full volume played Ariana Grande’s “Dangerous Woman.” “This will get you in the mood for a round of drinking games like nothing else,” she said.

Jones reportedly never explicitly told O’Malley to leave, but angrily scribbled out a section of her math work hoping she would “get the hint.”

By around 1 a.m., O’Malley had drunk half the bottle of wine and fallen asleep.

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