Painting In Mason Hall Bathroom Really Tying Room Together

The painting was praised by many users for its addition to the third-floor public bathroom’s ambiance.

Reports indicate that the picture featuring flowers in a vase in the Mason Hall men’s bathroom is “exactly” what the filthy, third-floor bathroom needed to tie it together.

“Sometimes I really dread having to use the bathrooms on campus” said junior Mike Holmes. “The floor is always covered in dirty paper towels, and I never know if the doorknobs are wet from water or urine. But that painting really makes it a pleasant experience.”

“Ah, the painting in the Mason Hall bathroom,” remarked senior Tommy Long. “You know, a couple years ago, that bathroom used to just be barren. But now, you go inside and it’s like something out of an HGTV makeover show.”

University spokesperson Debra Wallace says the University has observed the positive effect that the lily picture has had on the stench-ridden lavatory, and has plans to continue to try to improve other spaces in the same manner.

“Really we’ve been playing around with a lot of ideas,” said Wallace. “Pictures of roses above bathroom mirrors, watercolors of daisies on the doors of bathroom stalls…we’ve got a lot of exciting things on the horizon.”

At press time, interior decorators hired by the University were seen debating which floral pattern would best match the stains on the bathroom urinals.

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