Local Babysitter Draws All Over Passed Out Kid’s Face

Simmons’ face, tagged with messages and some premature facial hair as a result of Montgomery’s antics.

Reports indicate that this past Saturday night local babysitter Carolyn Montgomery drew all over 7-year-old Billy Simmons’ face.

The incident occurred at 8:41 p.m. following dinner and bath time. According to Montgomery, “He was begging to stay up late and then totally fell asleep. He was asking for it.”

Citing the fact that Simmons was “totally knocked out,” Montgomery told reporters that she could not resist drawing all over the seven-year-old’s face. She added, “Never pass out when there are markers about,” despite being the one to personally tuck Simmons into bed promptly at 8:30.

Montgomery was seen drawing a mustache, a message reading “wash me!” and even phallic imagery on the sleeping child’s face.

“Seriously, what did Billy expect? You can’t just zonk out like that in the middle of story time and think you’re not gonna get a healthy helping of Sharpie,” said Montgomery.

Simmons’ parents reportedly “understood” the situation and stood by the actions of their babysitter. Barbara Simmons, Billy’s mother, told reporters, “Billy needs to learn the way things are just like anyone else.” Simmons’ father added that “sleep is for the weak and the weak get antiqued.”

At press time, Montgomery was seen putting Simmon’s hand in a bucket of warm water.

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