Awesome! This Couple Didn’t Want To Impose A Binary On Their Baby, So For Their Gender Reveal Party They Filled A Box With Hint Of Lime Tostitos

For expecting parents, finding out their baby’s gender is a life-changing moment. Whether they wait for the birth of their bundle of joy, or ask for the news straight away, it’s certain to be a big day. When it comes time to share that precious information with their loved ones, many couples choose to have a grand unveiling, to make an already memorable time in their lives that much more special. One such pair, Todd and Sylvia Barnes, refused to impose a gender binary on their new addition. Instead, in front of dozens of guests, they opened a box bursting with Hint of Lime Tostitos!

What a touching moment!

The couple unleashed on the crowd of their closest friends and family a surge of citrus flavored tortilla chips, as well as a speech about the gender binary.

When guests gathered to discover the sex of the soon-to-be Barnes child, instead they learned that sex and gender are two completely separate concepts, and that the delicious taste of Hint of Lime Tostitos is always a knock-out!

As everyone gathered for the box opening, they expected pink or blue balloons to float out, or maybe if the Barnes’ were frugal, a card with the baby’s sex written on it. Instead, they received a flood of Hint of Lime Tostitos, and a lecture on the wrongfulness of imposing a gender identity on a baby without any concept of its own selfhood!

Wow, in any event, it sounds like they got the scoop!

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