Definitive Ranking Of Your Cousin Jeremy’s 7 Favorite Weezer Songs

  1. Say It Ain’t So (The Blue Album)

Sneaking in at number seven is the song your cousin Jeremy heard on “Rock Band” back in the day, and hasn’t stopped listening to since.

  1. Time Flies (Hurley)

Jeremy included this lesser-known gem off of “Hurley” even though he knew you wouldn’t really understand it because you’re younger and can’t appreciate the nuances of a band exploring a new sound.

  1. You Might Think (Cars 2)

Your cousin lauded this cover of the 1984 hit as the saving grace of the “Cars 2” soundtrack.

  1. The Purification of Water (Alone II)

Although technically a Rivers Cuomo single, Jeremy made an exception, and the tasty guitar licks on this track earned it a spot on the list.

  1. Pinkerton (Entire album)

Jeremy believed it would be an absolute injustice to pick just one song off this 1996 masterpiece, even if still couldn’t grab the top spot

  1. Only in Dreams (The Blue Album)

Jeremy said that this isn’t the shit you’re gonna hear on the radio, alright? None of that “Beverly Hills” bullshit, ok? This isn’t some hit song of the month, this is MUSIC.

  1. Island in the Sun (The Green album)

Yeah! Jeremy loves this song!

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