Student Just Wishes People Would Realize She Stupid Regardless Of Gender

Chapman is constantly frustrated by people attributing her failing grades to her identification as a woman, and not to her poor work ethic and below-average IQ.

Philosophy major Jackie Chapman recently announced that she is hoping people will stop attributing her lack of success in her generally difficult field of study to her gender and eventually realize that she “is actually just kind of dumb.”

“Being a woman in my philosophy classes isn’t always comfortable,” said Chapman. “I feel like oftentimes people talk down to me or try to oversimplify theories just because I’m a woman. It’s sexist to assume my gender is the reason you need to do that.”

When reached for comment, Chapman’s professor, Jenni Harania, explained that it can feel “frustrating and discouraging” to live in a society where people have a hard time accepting that people can be both female and stupid and that the two can be mutually exclusive.

“Honestly, there could be a lot of reasons [Chapman] struggles so much,” Harania explained. “It could be the way she was raised, or maybe she just has a terrible attention span. Most people don’t take time to look past gender to determine why people are like this.”

Chapman also stated that she feels like she is especially targeted when she is the only girl in her classes.

“I think they assume that if I was male maybe I’d be able to follow the logic of Pascal’s Wager,” she remarked. “That’s just not case.”

Chapman concluded by stating that she hopes eventually people will be able to see her not just as “some dumb girl,” but simply “some dumb person.”

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