Man Happy He Able To Keep Conversation Alive With Barber

Making small-talk with his barber during his haircut Tuesday afternoon, engineering sophomore Evan Storich noted that he was happy with his ability to keep the conversation alive. Storich, who usually has difficulty finding talking points during his periodic 15 to 20 minute haircuts, was reportedly impressed with himself for maintaining conversation during the time it took to cut his hair.

“It went really well,” stated Storich, who had been taking stock of topics being discussed while he sat waiting prior to his haircut. “We talked about how warm this winter has been for a bit, and I asked him if he’d ever seen in it like this. That really got him going.”

“I knew football would come up,” he continued. “I had a good little quip about Harbaugh that got him laughing.”

Storich, who described previous haircuts as futile attempts to say anything of interest to the barber, was ecstatic that he his grooming session had facilitated such rousing conversation.

“I’m usually so jealous of the guys that will be all chummy with the barbers. But today I was killing it, man. I even had a couple other guys in the shop piggybacking on our conversation!”

“He normally only tells me how he wants his hair to be cut,” the proprietor of the barber shop, Ed Shirley, remarked. “I usually just ask him how school is going after that, and after he’ll give me a one word answer, but today he had some interesting things to say.”

At press time, Storich was reportedly engaging in banter with a Walgreen’s worker at the checkout regarding their anticipation of the end of the workweek.

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