Man Wonders If It Too Soon To Revisit Taco Truck

 Dunlop cited his aversion to becoming a “regular.”

While deciding where to spend his hour lunch break, area man Jesse Dunlop reportedly wondered if four days was enough elapsed time before revisiting local food truck Juan’s Tacos.

“If I do go, I really hope they don’t recognize me,” Dunlop told reporters. “I don’t want them to know me as a regular. That’s too much of a commitment.”

“I’ve ordered fish tacos every time I’ve been there so far,” said Dunlop, who recently accumulated enough stamps on his Juan’s Tacos rewards card for a free entree. “I don’t want the guy there to know that as my ‘usual,’ but I think I’m gonna get them again.”

“But what if I don’t want fish tacos anymore?” he continued without being prompted. “Well, I guess I’m just screwed, because everyone there is going to assume I want fish tacos from now on. They’ll probably try to crack some kind of joke about me ‘shaking things up’ if I try to order something different.”

At press time, Dunlop decided it was much safer to get pizza instead, since it had been a full week and a half since his last visit there.

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