Report: These Sweet Potato Fries Probably Turned Out Right

Giving them a quizzical look before deciding she would eat them anyway, senior Kaitlyn Longmire confirmed that the sweet potato fries she made from scratch last weekend “probably turned out right.”

“Yeah, these look about right,” said Longmire, as she pulled a tray of slightly burnt chunks of sweet potato out of the oven. “Not quite like Sava’s, but they seem fine.”

According to Longmire, the fries, which her recipe claimed would be long, thin and crispy, were supposed to be a “healthy alternative” to her regular takeout meals. Longmire had been meaning to try out the recipe for a while, and if it turned out approximately okay, make some for her roommates.

“It’s just sweet potato and some olive oil, so there was really no way it could go wrong. I mean, I probably could have fried them or something to get them really crispy, but that defeats the purpose of making them healthy,” said Longmire of the limp and charred bits of sweet potato she was sweeping onto a plate. “They’ll definitely taste the same anyway.”

Longmire admitted that while she “probably” could have taken the fries out of the oven a few minutes earlier, the texture achieved by letting them brown “seemed right.” Despite a few of the fries being charred, while other fries were still hard and raw slices of potato, Longmire took a picture of her creation.

“I mean, most of the sweet potato fries I’ve had are hard on the outside and soft on the inside,” said Longmire as she scraped the burnt skins off of otherwise mushy bits of potato. “You can’t even tell there was anything wrong with them once you dip them in garlic aioli anyway.”

At press time, Longmore was reportedly searching the internet for a guide on how to cut her own jean shorts.

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