Serf Secures Prestigious Unpaid Internship Toiling In Local Lord’s Fields

Jacobsen said he initially believed he wanted to be a bard, but his parents convinced him that serfdom was a much more stable career.

Reveling in the opportunity to till the crops for his social betters, local peasant Merek Jacobsen has been awarded an unpaid internship in planting, maintaining, and harvesting crops in the fields of Lord Charles of Leicester.

“I’m really excited for all the industry connections I’ll make in the field,” said Jacobsen. “I already met the high priest and the local fishwaif during the interview process, so I’m excited to see who I can network with out on Lord Charles’ manor once I’m working there.”

While Jacobsen also had offers to work as a squire or a miller’s apprentice, he ultimately chose to toil in Lord Charles fields because of the benefits the job afforded him.

“Sure, I could earn a shilling per week working as a Miller’s apprentice, but Lord Charles offers perks that nobody can match, like protection from traveling bandits, gypsies, witches and the like,” said Jacobsen. “Plus, there’s opportunities for advancement if the older peasants start succumbing to plague or consumption, as they often do once they reach age of thirty.”

Jacobsen added that he believes Lord Charles is one of the realm’s up-and-comers, and that he’s excited to “get on the ground floor” through the internship.

“Through conquest, guile, and strategic marriage, I could see him becoming one of the ‘big boys’ a few years down the line,” said Jacobsen.

Said Lord Charles, “Merek seems like a good kid. I think he’ll fit right in with the culture we try to promote in the fiefdom. And, should he take a wife, I would be glad to father his first child through Prima Nocte.”

“Even if I’m just fetching the lord his morning stew, it’ll be worth it in the long run,” concluded Jacobsen.

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