The Night Is Always Darkest Before The Dawn, And It’s Not Even Midnight Yet, Baby

Things have to get worse before they can get better. Everyone knows that. I know that a lot of people out there are worried about what’s been going on, but they should rest assured knowing that things will get better. The moral arc of the universe is always bending towards the good, and sometimes it bends pretty slow. If people are worried that it can’t get any worse out there, they should know that the night is always darkest before the dawn.

Unfortunately for them, it’s not even midnight yet, baby.

I’m just getting started. If this is ‘Star Wars,’ we’re on ‘Empire Strikes Back.’ Uncle Scar is running the Pridelands now, and you’re gonna hear me roar. Sure, people could get fed up and start pushing back. I mean, we only have four years to work with—so far— but this train’s just leaving the station folks, and you bet this thing is burnin’ coal.

Choo choo! Oh man, I’m just getting this ball rolling. If you think all of the white nationalist propaganda, racist policies, governmental dismantling, and generally nightmarish vision of the future being sculpted by this administration is going to all be over soon, you have another thing coming. I mean, wow, we’re in what, week three? I’m just clearing my throat right now. We’re going to put hell on this side of the grave, baby, and I’m the dark prince running the whole show.

You’d better strap in, cause this is just a warm-up. I’ve got plans, and most of them look pretty bleak as far as most of you are concerned. Sure, I should note that even the most powerful men can fall, and that you can find hope in even the most dire situations, but oh boy, I’m licking my chops. Keep reminding yourselves that good will win out, and a new day will come. But just remember folks, the doomsday clock doesn’t go past midnight.

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