Mom Orders Baked Potato At Wendy’s With Impressive Optimism

Collins claimed she was just “really craving it.”

This past Wednesday night, area mom Susan Collins ordered a baked potato from the Wendy’s drive-through and allegedly seemed proud of her decision.

Collins, who reportedly “doesn’t even like fast food,” ordered the sour cream and chive baked potato without batting an eye.

The move shocked witnesses in the car. “It was totally weird that Mom ordered the baked potato,” noted daughter Annie Collins, age 15. “I didn’t even know Wendy’s had baked potatoes. She actually seemed kind of excited to order it.”

Joseph Collins, age 14, was also taken aback by his mother’s fast food order. “It’s like I didn’t even recognize her,” he said. “I guess I just didn’t know she had it in her.” Collins was dismayed by the objections of her children, not understanding “what the big deal was,” and raised the point that “everyone else ordered french fries, how is that even different?”

At press time, Collins’ children watched in awe as she poured a small Wendy’s chili on top of the potato and cheese mush and slathered it around.

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