Report: Michelle Just Had Passionate Anal Sex In Her Childhood Bedroom

Williams and her boyfriend, pictured after an intense session of backdoor love in front of her entire teddy bear collection.

Local daughter and all-around good girl Michelle Williams invited long-time boyfriend Mark Stims up to her parent’s home Thursday for a weekend of skiing, homemade meals, and savage anal fucking in her childhood bedroom.

“Never would I have imagined that I’d be getting it up the butt by Mark in the very room where I used to host tea parties for my stuffed animals,” reported Williams, adding that her childhood imaginary friend Mrs. Boo-Boo would most likely be “really happy for me right now.”

According to Williams, the weekend was an “altogether quite classy affair,” featuring late nights leafing through family albums, trading anecdotes from childhood with good friends, and “being fucked in the ass to no end by a big, strong man” whilst surrounded by “all my Cheetah Girls posters and warm memories of youth.”

“It’s really nice to create some romantic memories here with Mark,” noted Williams, adding, “He really knows how much family and my home life mean to me.” Williams continued, “I just feel so blessed to have a boyfriend who understands my need to satiate raw sexual desire in the very spaces that sheltered me throughout infancy and adolescence.”

“The last time I tried to fuck in here was when my high school boyfriend got scared of my vagina and called it off,” said Williams. “To be back here and having such heartfelt butt sex with Mark is a real homecoming of sorts.”

Williams, who was last seen drying off and dressing Snuggles the Bear, has since made plans for “blowies on the King Elementary School playground” and “dry humping in the basement where my youth group used to meet.”

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