Festifall Booth Paying Price For Only Bringing Tiny Frisbees

Byron, wishing she’d at least brought a few Jolly Ranchers to give away.

In a colossal miscalculation of the interests and needs of returning college students, the Students for Better Business club is paying the price for bringing nothing but tiny frisbees as a lure for prospective members.

In a sea of tables offering students fun and practical items such as water bottles, t-shirts, and even full- sized frisbees, the Festifall participants at the SBB booth expressed regret over their blunder.

“I guess we just thought we could get away with it, but it was wrong and we’re getting what we deserve,” said SBB vice- president Carly Byron. “It just goes to show that in this exceedingly capitalist society, only those with special favors can achieve advancement.”

Freshman Jordan Rose, who failed to stop at the SBB booth commented, “I’m not interested in better businesses or whatever and some frisbee the size of a grapefruit isn’t going to change that. They don’t even have cloth frisbees or the cool ones that fold up really small,” commented Rose. “They’re expecting these little plastic saucers to be enough to get us to join their organization. Gimme a break.”

At press time, SBB members were seen scrambling around Walgreens in search of “Michigan-themed pens or something.”

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