Man Thought Coffee In Thermos Would Have Hit Mouth By Now

Greg has also been startled by a few rogue ice cube clusters at the bottom of his lemonade glass.

After tipping back his thermos for what he described as “an extensive amount of time,” area man Greg Sunderland announced that he was surprised that the contents inside had not yet made it to his mouth.

“The thing is the same size as a regular cup,” Sunderland said regarding the plastic drink container he had recently purchased from a local convenient store. “I don’t know much about fluid dynamics but I’m honestly not sure how it hasn’t gotten to me.”

Sunderland admitted that despite his best efforts, at times he often doesn’t even get to drink the coffee inside the thermos.

“It’s so embarrassing sitting there for upwards of 30 seconds just slowly tipping the thermos at sharper and sharper angles to get a sip of coffee,” Sunderland stated. “Sometimes I’ll just pretend like I actually drank some and then put the coffee back down.”

Greg added that sometimes he’s convinced himself that there is no liquid left in the container. When I open it up there’s always still stuff in there,” said Sunderland. “Maybe I’m just doing it wrong.”

At press time, Sunderland was pouring the contents of the thermos into a mug he keeps on his desk at work so he “wouldn’t have to deal with it.”

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