One, Two, One Two Three Four

How’s everyone doing tonight!? Such a lovely crowd. Hey let’s hear it for our openers, how about them am I right? Keep on fighting the good fight, fellas. Good, good, now let’s hear it for you Detroit! Glad you could all make it out. God we have such a good setlist for you guys, so who’s ready to rock? I said who’s ready to ROCK!?

Ok hold on now, introductions are in order. First, we got Bennie on the drums, let them know you’re here Bennie! We got Big James ready to bring down the house on the horn up here. We got Mitch on the guitar, let’s hear it for Mitch! And we got your’s truly on the mic.

When we first played this music festival we were on the Treehouse Stage, but look at us now! And that’s all thanks to you guys! Let’s hear it for all you good people one more time!

Haha, alright, alright. Some of you may know this one, so sing along if you know the words, clap along if you know the beat, don’t be shy. But let’s get everyone jumping up and down how about that? You ready?

Let’s rock! A one! A two! A one two three four!

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