Students Able To Take Employment-Free Shuttle To North Campus Starting This Fall

University officials are applauding the new shuttles, which require neither salary nor tips

Stating the new bus will revolutionize the way Michigan lays off workers, the University of Michigan will be offering a completely driverless shuttle system on North Campus starting this fall.

“This automated shuttle is a critical research project that will help us understand the challenges and opportunities presented by replacing real human beings with machinery,” said Huei Peng, director of MCity. “The shuttles will augment U-M’s outdated campus bus service to provide a newer, more unfeeling mobility option.”

The vehicles, which are completely electric, run using a GPS and an array of sensors, unlike other university vehicles that require an employed human being with a family to operate them.

“It’s just nice to be able to get on a bus and know that I’ve saved the university $11 an hour and various other benefits because of it,” said Engineering student Julia Ray of the bus that’s able to fire 8 to 10 employees at once.

“And I don’t have to thank anyone on the way off the bus,” she added. “I’ve always hated feeling the need to do that.”

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