Area Man Counts Syllables On Fingers To Make Sure Friend’s Haiku Not Bullshit

Anthony was reportedly glad haiku stanzas have fewer stanzas than he has fingers.

After overhearing his friend recite a haiku, area man Brendon Anthony reportedly counted the syllables of his friend’s poem to make sure it conformed to the 5-7-5 pattern.

The traditional Japanese poetic form has historically been used to describe natural phenomena, and is almost always fact-checked by a wise- ass friend.

“He reeled it o so fast, I needed to make sure he wasn’t bullshitting everyone,” commented Anthony, as he clapped along with each syllable.

Although the poem had already been praised by those who were listening, Anthony felt the need to confirm that each stanza conformed to the traditional structure of a haiku. Anthony participated in a tradition equally ancient to haiku writing, listening and then approving the syllabic length by counting on his fingers.

According to bystanders, Anthony challenged whether “meteor” could be considered a two-syllable word, just minutes a er subsequent haikus had been performed.

Although at press time, it’s unclear whether he knew, how to do haikus.

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