Fed Up Biologist Calls Lab Rat By Full Scientific Name

Barton swears she has had it up to here with whole tree of Muridae rodents

After a long day of collecting data and testing hypotheses, sources nearby reported that in a ft of rage University of Michigan biologist Dr. Mellissa Barton called one of her lab rats by its full scientific name.

Dr. Barton reportedly snapped at the rat after its failed reactions to her commands to climb out of its cage and is quoted as saying, “Rattus norvegicus, so help me God if you don’t come here by the count of three your lab coordinator will be hearing about this!”

Barton also referenced that the rat was “just like his no good father,” and questioned whether “this was what they were teaching him at that new school.”

Onlooking research assistants were shocked as the scientist lost her composure in the middle of the laboratory.

“Far be it from me to judge the way a scientist raises her rats, but I just wouldn’t have done that.” research assistant, Cynthia Klein concluded, “a little patience and compassion can go a long way.”

Dr. Barton stands by her actions, calling them “regrettable, but necessary.” She elaborated saying, “I don’t like to snap like that in front of the specimens, but sometimes enough is enough. When I break out the binomial nomenclature these rats know I mean business.”

At press time, Dr. Barton was seen apologizing to the lab rat for coming down so hard on him.

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