Gimme The Blue

Booyah! Snack time baby! What do we have here? Oh yeah look at that cooler, Connor’s mom is not messing around. Blue! Blue! Gimme the blue one please.

I love blue, it’s my favorite. I know it’s everyone’s favorite, but it’s my favorite the most. I don’t even wanna look at that orange one, gross. Get that out of here. I want a blue please!

I get it, blue’s the best and everyone wants it. But I scored 4 points out there and I definitely deserve a blue. Timmy didn’t even play the second half I should really be getting a blue before him.

Maybe I should spell it out for you. B-L-U-E is for M-E, me! Kapish? So step off and maybe if you’re lucky you’ll get purple.

Purple is fine. Purple is a respectable second to blue. Purple is a poor man’s blue, I’ll admit it. But is this fight over a blue really worth ending up with a red? Everybody hates red!

Just hand over the blue and there won’t be anymore trouble. There’s no way I’m walking around with a red stain all over my face and the light blue is better at quenching my palette. I promise if you give me the blue I’ll play defense for our next scrimmage. Move over, move over! There’s four blues left and I gotta have one. Gimme the blue!

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