Man Puts On Cutest Socks In Preparation For Airport Security

Owens was glad he had washed his favorite socks just prior to his trip.

Just prior to arriving at the airport to catch his fight to Boston, area man Sam Owens reportedly put on his “cutest socks” in anticipation of removing his shoes at the security checkpoint.

According to Owens, he received the blue and white striped socks as a birthday gif last year and has considered them his favorite pair ever since. He later stated that he likes to save the socks for “special occasions such as these.”

“Going through security isn’t a festa for anyone,” Owens explained. “But If I’m going to have my feet exposed in front of a bunch of strangers, I might as well show of my coziest socks.”

Owens stated that while the TSA agents have never directly complimented him on his choice of footwear, he feels confident that they appreciate the effort and consideration that he put into dressing himself that morning.

“There was actually one day when I was in a rush and showed up at the airport with two different socks on.” Owens added. “No one said anything, but I could just tell they were all staring my mismatched toes down. I won’t let that happen again.”

Owens concluded stating that maybe next time he’ll buy the zip lock bags “with the little flowers on them” to make his toiletries a little more exciting

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