NASA Launches Space Probe To Collect More Pretty Star Pictures

Following the Cassini space mission, NASA has announced plans to launch another intergalactic space probe into the Milky Way galaxy to collect more pretty star pictures.

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration hopes that this most recent mission will provide more insight on deep space, especially in terms of the sparkly shots of clusters of shimmering lights.

Although the project has gotten criticism for research costs upwards of eighty million dollars, top officials believe that the resulting shots of twinkly stars and comparably glittery space masses will make it worth the investment.

“We’re very optimistic about this star project,” commented head of Houston mission control Steve Exler. He later added “We’re confident this mission will yield incredibly detailed photographs, that with some in depth study and retouching will be perfect for desktop screen savers, tapestries, and if we’re lucky the background of a cheeky coffee mug.”

The mission will require two manned ships equipped with cameras and lenses with 150X magnification power. The astronauts have been trained both physically and mentally to handle the gravitational shifts, atmospheric pressure, and the rule of thirds.

Star pictures, especially those with rainbows or a far of planet are thought to be the prettiest. NASA believes it can go further into the galaxy than they have before to “push the boundaries of modern space travel” and “get a holistic sampling of inspiring pics of nebulae and space dust.”

At press time, NASA was hoping to develop more favors of space themed ice cream.

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