High School Soccer Team Rallies Around Tyler Getting Grounded

‘Tyler’s mom sucks on three!’

The Garden City Senior High School Varsity soccer team is reportedly headed to the New York State Finals this weekend after rallying around a cause close to the team, junior Tyler O’Brian being grounded by his mom.

The Trojans have been tearing through the playoffs ever since Tyler’s grounding, outscoring opponents by an average score of 14 to 3 through five games.

“Tyler’s mom sucks!” said senior and team captain Dylan Bratten, standing up to injustice. “All Tyler did was steal a few beers from the fridge in the garage. My parents wouldn’t even get mad, but he’s grounded for two weeks? Bullshit!”

“Tyler getting grounded could not come at a worse time for our team,” said head coach Paul Shearer. “But the boys are rallying around the injustice and playing their best soccer right as playoffs came around.”

Tyler was touched by his teammates moving tribute, mentioning how their support is making his two-week sentence bearable. “It really means a lot to see the guys picking me up in my time of need like this. If it weren’t for them I don’t know where I would be right now,” he said. “God, I hate my mom.”

At press time, the hashtag #ForTyler was trending on instagram.

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