Presentation Watchdog Corrects Misspelling On Lecture PowerPoint

Carlson scanned each slide with a vigilant, almost ruthless eye.

According to recent reports, freshman Matthew Carlson was eager to alert the professor of his introductory psychology course to a misspelling in her lecture slides this past Monday.

“I noticed that the professor spelled psychosomatic illness as ‘psychopsomatic,’” Carlson explained. “I didn’t want my classmates to get confused, so I made sure to let the professor, and all 300 students in the lecture hall, know about the mistake right away.”

Carlson refused to name the professor of the lecture in hopes of minimizing her embarrassment despite having pointed out the spelling error loudly and publicaly in the chem building lecture hall.

“She’s a great professor so far, and I don’t want one misspelling to change the class’s opinion of her,” said Carlson, concerning his public declaration.

“I just wanted to let her know so she would maybe spell check for next week.”

Sophomore Nina Vargas, who was also present in the class, said Carlson’s announcement alerted her to the mistake.

“I hadn’t noticed the mistake at all honestly,” Vargas reported. “But I’m sure if I had, I would have been totally lost regarding what the professor was lecturing on. It takes guts to step up, and that guy stepped up.”

Sources close to the psychology professor reported she would be instituting a policy allowing students to comment only when specifically called on in the future.

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