Area Mom Fills House With Nutmeg Candles Like She Preparing For Black Magic Ritual

The candles reportedly became brighter as the sun went down.

Following a bountiful Thanksgiving, area mom Deb Lieberman reportedly filled her home with holiday: scented candles like “some kind of witch setting up for a profane ritual.”

Lieberman allegedly emerged from her basement in the early hours of black Friday with several boxes. Opening the packages, Lieberman extracted nearly three dozen HomeGoods candles of different shapes, sizes, and scents.

Family members overheard Lieberman muttering things such as “ah, yes,” and “these will do the trick,” as she unloaded and surveyed the variety of wax torches. Lieberman proceeded to place the candles in methodical, yet tasteful, arrangements on coffee tables throughout the house, clustering them as if to form summoning circles for a demonic being.

Reports indicate that Lieberman occasionally wafted the various scents to her nose, saying “that’s the stuff,” as she continued to decorate the house with additional paraphernalia, including holly wreaths, incense, and large bowls of mistletoe potpourri.

As her family set up the tree in the nearby family room, Lieberman adjusted her exhibition, going so far as to break out sconces and candelabras. Once her work was finished, Lieberman reportedly closed the door, turned off all overhead lights, and sat in her rocking chair with a steaming mug of spiced cider.

“I’m not superstitious or anything,” said Lieberman’s daughter Sarah, “but if all these fumes aren’t to attract some sort of supernatural being, I’m not really sure what they’re for.”

At press time, Lieberman could be heard subtly cackling as she opened an Amazon package full of Bath and Body Works’ wassail and roasted chestnut tea candles.

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