Experts Suggest Meal Prepping to Enjoy Worse Version of Meal You Ate the Night Before

Willard stated that "your chicken probably need a little drying out anyways."

Local dietitians are suggesting that the population start meal prepping in order to eat a repeat version of the same food you had the night before, only in declining quality.

“Some of my favorite recipes can be done this way,” said local chef and nutritionist Marcia Willard. “This way, you can have a tasty chicken and quinoa salad everyday, except every consecutive day it tastes worse and worse.”

The practice of meal prepping, which has gained popularity in the past few years involves refrigerating or freezing fresh veggies, protein, and grains in order to have the different portions in a disgusting meal at work the next day.

Experts suggest that meal prepping ensures that you can get your fix of healthy, lean foods every day without the hassle of cooking. Health experts also suggest that by Thursday the Tupperware containing your meager chicken and vegetable dish will likely have a strange smell to it.

“The convenience alone is a miracle,” says Willard. “The fact that a chicken breast and some brown rice can get so dry and tasteless in only a few days is also a miracle, but in a whole different way.”

Experts are also suggesting that it might be best to get rid of the leftovers and order take out instead.

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