New Startup Company Just Cell Phones And Breakfast

The company believes their minimalist approach will “reshape the way we think about eating breakfast with our phones.”

Stating that the company is designed to solve issues with conventional breakfast methods, new startup Breakfastly hopes to “integrate cell phones with the morning breakfast table.”

“We love breakfast, but hated how it was just so difficult to personalize,” said the company’s founder and self-described “disruptor” James White. “We’re here to change that.”

“So we looked at issues we encounter every single day,” he added. “Now, thanks to Breakfastly, we can bring breakfast straight to your phone.”

The new company, which claims to “combine everything you love about breakfast with the convenience of your cell phone” is set to launch a beta version at the start of the next fiscal year. The company has raised over three million dollars in investments and is expected to make money through in-app purchases.

“We want to change breakfast forever,” co-founder Angie Dixson told reporters. “We want to change the way people experience a meal they know and love. We believe this change is long overdue, and thanks to our advanced learning algorithms and the internet of things, this change has finally become possible.”

He was also quick to clarify that, “Breakfastly is not necessarily an app, but rather a platform for a rich and diverse community.”

Dixson told reporters that employees were working hard to incorporate voice recognition, social integration, and augmented reality into breakfast.

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